I am a digital product designer that ships high quality products using both design and code.
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Previously I worked on Framer, the interactive web design tool.

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In 2016 I joined the early team at Framer to help create the design tool of the future. At Framer, I shipped many product features from idea to execution, and worked on the website and brand.
In my 6+ years at Framer the product evolved into what it is today; a household name in the website tools space. We built 5 products, from high-fidelity prototyping to a end-to-end website builder.

I am currently building something new and also advise on product.
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I solve complex problems with simple solutions through product design and product direction. I’m not your typical product designer though, since I also enjoy writing code.
Being able to participate from ideation to implementation, helps me ship products fast while keeping quality high. I thrive when I contribute to projects that impact business goals.

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